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“Secrets of a Murder Detective” invites audiences into the intriguing realm of crime-solving with Steve Keogh, a seasoned and decorated detective with 30 years of experience, 12 of those as a top-tier murder detective at New Scotland Yard. In this series, Steve takes us deep inside murder investigations, opening his contact books for the first time to reveal the secrets of what it really takes to be a murder detective on the frontline. Each episode unfolds as a gripping narrative, beginning with Steve, the authoritative guide, setting the scene and tone of each investigation. Viewers are taken on an immersive journey through each murder investigation, from the initial crime to the pivotal breakthrough leading to conviction. Steve provides unique and authentic insights into the intricate workings of investigations and the minds of detectives, bringing viewers into the heart of each case. Continues weeknights at 20:00 from 29th April until 10th May. Watch it again on weekends at 13:50 and 20:00.

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