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Sundays @ 13:30 CAT 12/05: Unikitty Unikitty will do literally whatever it takes to keep her kingdom happy. As she teams up with her brother and friends, Unikitty's life is a whirlwind combo of sparkles, monster-punching, and fun. 19/05: Moka's Fabulous Adventures Moka, a naive and reckless little Prince crocodile, heads off to explore his kingdom. Cherry, his rhino bodyguard, is sent along to insure his protection. But Moka constantly gets them into trouble! 26/05: Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese is a comedic take on a blended family, with Dad’s “sons” – a boy, a dog, and a mouse, and Mom’s “daughters” – a girl, a cat, and a piece of anthropomorphic cheese – learning to live together under one roof. They may be a weird family, but they love each other and care for each other in their own way. 02/06: Ben 10 episodes + Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix + Ben 10: Race against Time Ben Tennyson is your everyday, average 10-year-old until he discovers a mysterious watch hidden in a meteorite that crashed on Earth. He soon learns that the supernatural watch allows him to transform into 10 different alien beings while keeping his kid personality. As he morphs into these various creatures, he discovers each alien's unique powers and incredible abilities. Sundays @ 13:30 CAT

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