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In this series, we tell the stories of heroes who cracked the case when the odds were stacked against them. Heroes who used their expertise and passion to prove the doubters wrong.  Heroes who just knew something wasn’t as it seemed.  Heroes who went the extra mile with their investigations. Heroes who brought killers to justice.  Heroes who fought for the truth.    Following a new case in each episode, we’ll discover how, against all the odds, they used intuition, skill and hard work, as well as bringing in outsiders with expert knowledge, to go the extra mile and ensure the truth came out.  And in doing so, how they ensured justice was served…    This 10-episode series features six USA stories and four stories from the UK.  Every episode is authored by the hero who drove the search for justice and was instrumental to cracking the case.  This person is our main focus for each episode but they are supported by other key players in the case including families, officers, lawyers, jurors and other professionals involved in the case.  Weeknights at 19:00, from 22nd May until 2nd June.

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