047 186 TNT AFRICA
Category: Movie
Available on: DISH DTH_Smart ANTENNA
DESCRIPTION: Teamwork, empathy, adventures, action are the main plots of this Special that show how important is the friendship and collaboration in life. Although teaming up is not always an easy task for everyone, it always deserves. No matter if you are a fearless police agent, a writer, a CIA ex agent or the bravest fireman, you always need a team to become better and some companions could make that a tuff mission. And, what is the worst thing? That you will end up being best friends with them at the end! FILMS: Friday 2nd of July 18:00 Stuck on You (2003) 20:00 Safe House (2012) Friday 9th of July 18:15 Twins (1988) 20:00 The A-Team (2010) Friday 16th of July 18:35 Bulletproof (1996) 20:00 Backdraft (1991) Friday 23rd of July 18:10 Life (1999) 20:00 Ride Along (2014) Friday 30th of July 18:00 The Best Man (1999) 20:00 The Best Man Holiday (2013)

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